What If?

What if we were men of our word? What if we accomplished everything we wanted to each day? What if we were punctual; would it really make a difference?

What if we worked all day? What if we did so daily? What if we enjoyed working? What if we got satisfaction from earning each night’s sleep by laboring the whole time we were awake?

What if we had patience and compassion toward everyone? What if we never had road rage or thought less of someone because of what they did? What if we responded thoughtfully rather than reacting reflexively?

What if we were spiritual beings with endless potential? What if God loves us unconditionally? What if we knew we were all part of an eternal family? What if we saw ourselves today as God sees us? What if a miracle were nothing more than the natural result of the faithful and immediate application of true principles?

What if we could change ourselves? What if we could change the world? 

We can.